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PayPossible is the flexible, mobile-friendly point-of-sale platform to boost your sales without impacting your bottom line. Our lender network covers purchases and projects ranging from $500 to $50,000, and with solutions for all customers regardless of credit score, PayPossible is your turnkey solution to offer financing today.

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A Lender for

Every Customer

If you’ve ever lost a sale because your financing partner (or program) declines your customers, you’re not alone. With full credit spectrum coverage -- from Subprime to Excellent -- there is an option for every customer that walks through your door.


Customer Checkout

With an easy, single application process across all lending products, you will provide a best in-class customer experience that eliminates friction at checkout. More credit approvals, more happy customers.

The Old Way

  • An application for every credit option

  • Long and confusing process

  • Restrictions on how to apply and use credit

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  • One application for all credit options

  • Short, concise process with few steps

  • Multiple ways to apply and use credit

Grow with PayPossible

Our end-to-end platform and dedicated team of advisors saves you valuable time, money, and resources so you can do more with less.

Elective Medical

We wanted to offer a solution to help ALL of our customers turn their dreams into reality. With PayPossible, our customers can get the MedSpa services they’ve always wanted and pay in low monthly installments that best fit their budgets.

Rich M.

Automotive Service

Our goals were pretty simple: Let the customer decide how they want to buy, and make it as easy as possible for them to do so - PayPossible’s platform gives our customer’s just that.

Adam B.

Home Renovation

Our partnership with PayPossible gives our customers access to the adventures they’ve always wanted, and allows us to keep making the best products imaginable. The real story is about how PayPossible has completely transformed our business.

Michelle T.