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Regardless of your credit profile, PayPossible covers the full spectrum -- from Prime to Subprime -- so there is an option for everyone.

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With terms ranging from 3 to 60 months, customers will be able to select the financing option that best fits your lifestyle and wallet.

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Get the answers to your questions about retail financing

PayPossible is NOT a lender. PayPossible is a pay-over-time technology solution that helps you make purchases with easy-to-understand monthly payments by connecting customers with a network of best in class lenders. As a customer looking to make a purchase, you’ll sign a loan agreement directly from the lender you select on our network -- and PayPossible will complete your purchase with the business.

US residents over the age of 18 who can prove their identity are eligible, but the terms and conditions of the financing will be set by the lender who provided the offers to the customer.

No. When you complete your credit profile through PayPossible, your credit information is verified by doing a soft credit inquiry - which is engineered to NOT affect your credit score. However, once you select a financing option, a hard credit inquiry will be performed by the lender when finalizing your loan.

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