For Merchants

Grow your business with PayPossible! The easiest way to instantly offer your customers multiple financing options to complete their purchase in-store and online

How it Works for Merchants

Our multi-lender financing platform covers the entire spectrum of credit from prime to subprime. The only time you pay a fee is when PayPossible successfully finds financing and completes the customer purchase.
Your customer completes a simple application right through their phone or your website.
If qualified, they’ll instantly receive financing options for their purchase.
You’ll be notified and create a Purchase Order from your Merchant Dashboard.
Your customer verifies the Purchase Order and PayPossible completes the transaction, depositing the funds directly into your bank account.
Business customer finance platform

PayPossible for Merchants

Multi-lender platform - covering the entire credit spectrum
No vertical restrictions
No chargebacks
No setup cost or monthly fees